Gear Gift Ideas for the Outdoors

Looking for a gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors at any level? Here’s my gift list of practical outdoor gear that comes in handy for anyone – from beginners to seasoned adventurers – these particular items are always critically handy – and having more than one is a smart investment for the self reliant outdoors enthusiast: 

GR-STORM WHISTLESTORM WHISTLE Carrying a signal whistle is a critical component of every survival kit. You can yell only so long; you can blow a whistle all day and night. Make sure kids have one and realize it’s not a toy. STORMs are particularly rugged and loud. Do NOT get whistles with the rattling pea inside – if it gets stuck, the whistle won’t work. 


FRICTION FIRE STARTERS – (top) BLAST MATCH, – can be used with just one hand; requires a hard surface to push against for spring steel to generate sparks on ‘flint’.  (bottom) The GERBER STRIKE FORCE is a conventional two-piece unit with added convenience of a small compartment for stowing tinder. You should have several ‘flint- steel’ kits amid your gear. Both work of these units work extremely well, producing hot, directed sparks. 


SOL EMERGENCY SPACE BLANKET – There are many mylar-material “emergency sheets on the market and carrying several along is smart. The SOL blanket is especially rugged and offers two sides: reflective and contrast color (orange). These are particularly good in snow where the silvery side can be hard to see from the air or afar. Compact in size but huge in warmth retention. You can never have too many emergency survival blankets. 


XTORCH – Flashlight/table light/tent light/solar recharger – all in one unit. The XTORCH has incredible shelf life power retention. It’s solar panel gives you constant energy for three types of lights as well as recharger port for phones and GPS units. Basically waterproof and stoutly built for rough handing outdoors. 


MPOWERD’ LUCI LIGHT – Perhaps my favorite camping/kayaking light I own. Solar charged, it inflates to a cylindrical lamp that offers low, high and flashing white light (comes in colored versions, too). It floats and is waterproof making it a great running light on a kayak when deflated. When inflated its a table lamp or tent light. Super lightweight, holds a charge forever and can be re-charged just by the ambient sunlight in a room. MPOWERD Luci Lantern 


LARGE-MOUTH INSULATED CONTAINERS – No longer just a “thermos” bottle , today’s insulated containers have superior insulating qualities that retain heat or cold much longer. Pouring/sipping spouts detach to reveal wide-mouth options for carrying everything from herbal teas to chunky stews. Some have retainer screens to keep tea leaves and ice cubes from pouring out. GSI Outdoors is among a few choice brands with a variety of options, in a variety of sizes..GSI Microlite 500 


LURE LOCK – Simply put, this is a tackle box with a special gel liner on the bottom that holds fishing lures in place within the box – when open to prevent gear falling out, and when closed keeping the hooks from dulling through constant contact with other lures and compartment walls. Stuck sand, twigs, and other detritus wash off easily and completely from the sticky, lure-hugging bottom. Anglers are gonna love this! 


CAMP KITCHEN FRISBEE/FLYING DISC – Absolutely my most favorite, versatile piece of camping gear around the campfire kitchen and beyond – from cutting board, berry picking basin, gas stove windbreaker to rimmed plate for stews and spaghetti dishes. You can sit on them on cold/wet ground; you can even use them to make an emergency paddle. They come in a variety of sizes, and even those that are marketing promotions and don’t fly very well – they work great around the campsite. I’ve been packing kitchen frisbees along for over 40 years – best cooking tool I own!

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