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Recycling dried up fire starter pastes/gels

Going through some old camping supplies I came across an old tube of fire starter paste I hadn’t even used beyond a field test or two. It was at least five years old. I split open the metal tube and crumbled the dried, yellowed… Continue Reading “Recycling dried up fire starter pastes/gels”

Honing Your Skills – practicing how to “be Prepared”

You should never go hiking with a brand new pair of boots without breaking them in first. Likewise, you should never expect to rely on any survival tips you’ve read about but never actually have practiced. It’s always best to check out gear or… Continue Reading “Honing Your Skills – practicing how to “be Prepared””


An alternative to a bird “house” in winter is a “roost” structure that provides protection from the elements. Designed like a house with a few important differences: 1) a lower entrance hole prevents rising warm air generated by the birds from flowing out from… Continue Reading “ROOSTING BOXES HELP BIRDS SURVIVE WINTER”


Originally Posted: You don’t need to have any backcountry experience to know – “Don’t eat the yellow snow!” But what about snow in general – particularly in winter emergency/survival situation? The partial answer is “No” and “Yes”! Caution reigns for both options. Because snow… Continue Reading “EATING SNOW – YES OR NO?”


Battling Blisters – First Aid

Blisters manifest themselves due to several different medical factors. For the outdoor enthusiast, however, it’s usually an external irritation that gives rise to a blister from ill-fitting footwear (material rubbing against skin – referred to as “shear”, not actually friction) or using a tool… Continue Reading “Battling Blisters – First Aid”

The Versatile “Camp” Frisbee…

Paracord – Form/Function/Fashion

by Tom Watson – as published in the “Self Reliance In The Outdoors” column/Midwest Outdoors/April 2020 Among the essential survival/emergency gear everyone should carry (knife, fire-starting kit, whistle) is a section of all-purpose cordage. Pretty much everything you need to achieve towards surviving and… Continue Reading “Paracord – Form/Function/Fashion”


Maintaining Your Outdoor Gear Inventory

 The Three Rs – Restore/Repair/Replenish   While most outdoors enthusiasts are active all year long, once summer is over and the few days of fall hunting have passed, November is often the time to pack the gear away for the winter. All too often,… Continue Reading “Maintaining Your Outdoor Gear Inventory”