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Monthly column on being self-reliant in the outdoors, featuring skills, tips and other back-country know-how.



Monthly series on all things kayaking: tips, skills, other on-water techniques…



Weekly outdoor column on all a variety of outdoor & natural science aspects of prairie environment in western Minnesota.


Frequent articles on all aspects of sea kayaking



“Camping 101” column expanded into a variety of backcountry topics including safety, “how-to’s”, and gear reviews…

Published Books


BEST TENT CAMPING – MINNESOTA (Completely revised and updated 3rd edition) – Even if you are a casual car camper, finding that special campsite where you don’t have to feel as though you’ve just pitched your tent on someone’s treeless lawn, is a special treat. Minnesota’s state parks and state forests, as well as the campgrounds within our two national forests offer myriad campsites in appealing rustic settings all throughout our  state. Each listing offers personal insights into these specially chosen sites and what each campground has to offer.  This 3rd addition is completely updated and features color photos of every listing…




BEST MINNESOTA CAMPER CABINS – Featuring over 100 camper cabins throughout Minnesota, this is my third guide book for Menasha Ridge Press on their AdventureKeen publishing label.Camper cabins in our state and county parks as well as those inboth the Chippewa and Superior National Forests offer campers a step up from a tent while offering a mostly rustic adventure. This book offers all the features of the cabin plus a brief overview of the park or unit in which it’s located. Third Place “Best Book” – Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers – 2017


MINNEAPOLIS and ST. PAUL 4th Edition


Looking for a good day hike within an hour’s drive or less of the Twin Cities? “60 Hikes….”  describes routes within and beyond the city limits that take hikers through country lanes, around lakes in our regional park system and even along old railroad right-of-ways, to enjoy the Minnesota countryside that makes up so much of our metropolitan and adjoining areas. Descriptions include features along the routes as well as the plants, animals and other attractions you might encounter along the way. The new edition will feature many more photos of trailheads and scenes along the route. 


 BOOK - SURVIVORHOW TO THINK LIKE A SURVIVOR – If you’re a Rambo wanna-be or a hard-core “prepper'”- forget this book! But if you want to learn more about what’s the concept behind most of the basic survival techniques we’ve been taught, “How To Think Like a Survivor” offers insights into the “why” behind the “how” of being self-reliant. The skills and tips presented within these pages are pretty much standard survival steps and techniques we’ve learned from several sources. I’ve tried to go beyond just offering suggestions of what to do in various emergency situations to explaining why these steps should be taken. Your mind is your best survival tool and a Positive Mental Attitude will do much more for you than a fancy piece of gear.



KIDS GONE PADDLIN’ – Published as part of a series introducing children to a variety of outdoor activities, Kids Gone Paddlin’ shares many years of kayaking in Alaska, including taking kids out onto the Pacific Ocean for their first experience on the water in a tiny craft. This book shares basic paddling concepts on boats, gear and technique – to instruct and entertain – but mostly to share in the joy of paddling. Second Place “Best Book” – Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers – 2008



RAILS-to-TRAILS MINNESOTA – This guidebook features trails throughout Minnesota that were developed using old railroad right-of-ways. I wrote all the narratives, provided many of the photos for this project that does not bear an individual authorship but rather an acknowledgment of contributors. First edition published in 2016.

Association Awards:

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OWAAExcellence In Craft Recognition

Outdoor Writers Association of America


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Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers



-AGLOW – 1st – MAGAZINE/TRAVEL – “Toddlers in the BWCA”

-AGLOW – 1st – BLOG/OPEN – “Magic Moments:Kayaking Alaska”

-AGLOW – 3rd – MAGAZINE/FISHING – “Day in the Life of a Charter Boat”

-AGLOW – 3rd – BOOK/ “Best Minnesota Camper Cabins”

-AGLOW – 3rd – BLOG/FISHING – “Walleye Weekend”

– OWAA – 3rd/MAGAZINE – OUTDOOR FUN & ADVENTURE – “Kodiak by Kayak”


– AGLOW – 1st/PHOTOGRAPHY – “Outdoor Rec-Kayaker at Dam”

– AGLOW – 1st/MAGAZINE – “Boating/Boat Safety”

– AGLOW – 1st/MAGAZINE – “Wisconsin Rustic Roads”

– AGLOW – 2nd/MAGAZINE – “Carrying in Public Parks”

– AGLOW – 2nd/WEB ARTICLE – “Surviving On Icy Waters”

– AGLOW – 3rd/WEB ARTICLE – “Homemade Fishing Lures”


– AGLOW – 1st/MAGAZINE – “Back Country Back Up”


– AGLOW – 1st/MAGAZINE – “On The Road – Kodiak”

– AGLOW – 2nd/MAGAZINE – “Expanded Waterways”



                      “In the Wake of Ancient Fishermen

– OWAA – 1st/MAGAZINE – “Fishing From A Traditional Kayak”

– OWAA – 3rd/MAGAZINE – “Paddling For Birds On The Mississippi”


– AGLOW – 1st/MAGAZINE – “Survival Sensibilities”

– AGLOW – 1st/PHOTOGRAPHY – “Kodiak”

– AGLOW – 2nd/PHOTOGRAPHY – “Kayakers”

– AGLOW – 2nd/MAGAZINE – “Paddling For Birds On The Mississippi”

– AGLOW – 2nd/WEB ARTICLE – “River Hazards”

– AGLOW – 3rd/PHOTOGRAPHY – “Orca”


– AGLOW – 3rd/MAGAZINE – “Alaska Uncorked”


– OWAA – 1st/MAGAZINE – “The Light Within the Darkness”

– AGLOW – 1st/MAGAZINE – “Paddling & Camping on the Mississippi River”

– OWAA – 3rd/MAGAZINE – “Reading the Weather”


– AGLOW – 3rd/MAGAZINE – “Kodiak Kaleidoscope”


– OWAA – 2nd/MAGAZINE – “Rhymes For The Modern Mariner”

– AGLOW – 2nd/MAGAZINE – “Seven Steps To Survival”

– AGLOW – 2nd/BOOK – “Kids Gone Paddlin’”


– OWAA – 2nd/Magazine – “Rediscover a Kayaker’s River”


– OWAA – 3rd/Magazine – “Welcome to the World of Sea Kayaking”


– OWAA – 3rd/Magazine –“Outdoor Ethics”



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